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    Advantages of Joining
  1. Good policy
  2. Good market protection policy, providing brand image, unified advertising, unified store image and unified management mode for all franchisees, greatly reduces the risk of the initial business exploration period. Moreover, "Chengpai Sanitary Ware" has a group of high-quality design and production professionals, and has a strong technical production system to ensure quality and efficient production efficiency. Chengpai Sanitary Ware takes "win-win" and "brand sharing" as its concept, vigorously develops distributors and agents in various places, and formulates practical sales policies for all places. So that each franchise can develop, stabilize, enhance and make profits.

  3. Fast profits
  4. Advantages of promotional activities; social division of labor in line with the direction of modern productivity development; intensive production and large-scale procurement, give franchisers a larger profit margin.

  5. Low risk
  6. The risk of joining is low, and Chengpai bathroom also provides decoration support and sample support to distributors. Safe product quality and high taste fashion image enable you to win customers with taste and fashion sense, and to earn more assured and long-term wealth.

  7. High returns
  8. Joining us has the advantages of low venture capital, high profit, low risk, simple operation, diversification of commodities, saving effort, and shower real estate products are easy to be accepted by consumers at all levels. It is a venture capital product.

  9. Joining Advantage
  10. Bathroom industry has unlimited business opportunities and broad market prospects, but in the era of wealth accumulation, better business opportunities need better sales channels, in order to smoothly carry out the upsurge of wealth creation! Our distribution channel is the key factor for your investment and entrepreneurship.

    Various Channels Make You Easy to Save Infinite Wealth

    1、Sales channels, open directly into the electrical appliances store, and closer to the consumer population, but also conducive to entering ordinary people's homes, so that more people can enjoy a good life.
    2、We can cooperate with the interest chain of building materials and furniture; we can cooperate with the building materials market, real estate, home decoration design company and so on. We are better candidates for installation and promotion, and can let you lock in the target user group.
    3、Group purchasing of household appliances and holiday consumption promotion.

    Joining Conditions
  11. Conditions for franchise of distributors:

  12. 1.Have a strong sense of enterprise, responsibility and good business reputation, identify with the business philosophy and brand value of Chengpai Sanitary Ware, willing to cooperate sincerely for a long time, not one-sided pursuit of immediate interests.

    2.Have all kinds of certificates needed for normal business, including business license, tax registration certificate, legal person qualification, etc.

    3.It has the necessary operating funds, business premises, sales personnel, installation and technical personnel for normal operation.

    4.In strict accordance with the VI Manual of Chengpai Sanitary Ware Company, the image store of Fabian is decorated. County agent image store area is not less than 100 square meters, city agent image store area is not less than 150 square meters, provincial agent image store area is not less than 200 square meters, other areas of exclusive store area is not less than 80 square meters.

    5.Good customer service awareness and service capabilities, strong marketing and management capabilities.

    6.Actively cooperate with the company to formulate market plans, promotional activities and implement them.

    7.Normalized operation, no channeling of goods, no vicious competition and unfair competition.

  13. Acquisition of Distributor Qualification:

  14. 1.Copies of various valid certificates (business license, tax registration certificate, legal person identity card, business place certificate) and lists of staff of image stores should be submitted for the company's record.

    2.Fill in the franchise application form.

    3.After the preliminary examination, the company appointed salesmen to contact the applicant within three working days, and conduct field visits to the franchise store. After the inspection, the applicant can sign a distribution contract, and the applicant becomes a Chengpai Sanitary Ware Distributor.

    4.If the distributor has fulfilled the relevant provisions of the distribution contract, the company will issue the authorization letter to the authorized distributor on the official business day.

    Joining process

    01 Consulting and knowing the basic situation of enterprisesa.

    02 Intention exchange.

    03 Clear cooperation intention.

    04 Payment of cooperation intention payment.

    05 The company dispatched personnel to visit.

    06 Comprehensive assessment.

    07 Franchisors visit to the company.

    08 Sign a contract.

    09 Initial payment.

    10 Franchisors provide shop floor plans.

    11 Company design seller project.

    12 Franchisors carry out shop decoration according to the plan.

    13 Selection of the first cooperation sample offered by the company Preparations before opening.

    14 The company dispatches personnel to train and guide the opening of franchise merchants.

    15 Start business.

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